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What do we do?

Your startup is growing and achieving scale.


Or maybe just got a nice round of funding. And now you can make your dream come true and create a wonderful brand and company that will make the world a little bit better.


This is the point where you need to grow your teams, build the right sales practices, world class marketing, excellent operational and people practices and provide the best Customer Services.

Done right, this growth phase will bring you to your chosen destiny; Done wrong this could cost the company millions and can even destroy it.

This is when you bring in the best of the best.

Being a startup label means we have 2 major KPI’s:

Make you Rich and Famous.

Not in the corny, superficial way, but in the real “Grow your company” way. 

For us “Rich” means you created a real brand and a scalable company that delivers real value. And clients are happy to pay for your product and service. 

“Famous” is a necessity to get your message out in the most effective way. When you’re well known, people listen. When they listen, they act.

How do we do it?

We use a combination of Science and Sorcery.


Science is the process of building out your brand. This includes 

Go To Market Strategies, Positioning, Marketing Tech Stacks, Marketing Automation and more. It’s the nuts and bolts that will create predictable growth.  We Eliminate roadblocks, create geometric growth, and build a plan to thrive

Playground sorcery megitian3.png


Sorcery: Is just as it sounds, Magic. It’s the creative process forged over 20 years of award winning marketing and advertising experience. The results can be mind blowing, beautiful, and unexpected. Sorcery never follows a straight line but always solves a real business problem. 

For some clients the result of our thinking ended up in a change of the business model, moving them from near insolvency to raising $5 million and $6 million in ARR. 

For others it was a branding process that changed fortunes and created a company now worth over $100 million. 

We don’t know until we dive in, but it’s always glorious.

Why Us? 

We are true practitioners, working with deep foundations in the NY Startup Scene. We are also veterans of some of the largest and best creative agencies in the world. We’ve built companies and startups, and we will never stop. The plans and strategies we build with our clients are practical and bespoke, gleaned from years of successes and failures. Honed down into lethally effective systems, our solutions are grounded in practice, not academic”one size fits all” playbooks.

The end result is a next generation startup and brands. Well built, well connected and well positioned to thrive even in this fluid economy.

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