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We’re investors ourselves.

We know the thrill of success along with the heartbreak when a portfolio company shuts down. We’re here to help the startup you’ve invested in find the edge it’s missing and change the tide in your favor.


We’re here to lend a steady hand.

Every investment opportunity comes with a hefty dose of risk. Our job is to lower that uncertainty. We do that by identifying a startup’s major marketing challenges (whatever is slowing its growth) alongside the executive team. Then we help implement the right business solutions in order to enable rapid and sustainable scale and growth. Together with the startup’s organic team, we push all strategic aspects, building the best marketing, sales, services, staffing, and business operations practices to support scaling. All of this tweaking and fine-tuning translates into better returns for you.

How can we help your Startup?

Different startups have different challenges, and different founders have a different lens into the world. 

New Narrative

With most we are called in to dive in to create a new narrative, a new marketing stack, a more powerful offering


With others - it’s about personal branding


With all - it’s giving them that sounding board to bounce ideas off, someone to call in the middle of the night when things seem to go off the rails. A steady hand to guide them through startup challenges. 

For all - we provide decades of experience and undeniable results.

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