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Top 5 Elements To Spice Up Marketing Strategy For This Holiday Season

2020 has been one big chaos, there’s no doubt about it. The global pandemic took the world by storm, changing the way we engage with clients, the way we market, the way we stay in touch with our co-workers, and the way we host meetings. This has left all of us very,very confused. Sometimes, we don’t know if our company’s plans are going to stay relevant for the next day, let alone next week/month. However, holiday season is CERTAINLY around the corner, and although most people won’t celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas like they did before, it’s still on their minds, and they’re still looking for that holiday spirit.

Is this relevant to marketers/businesses? Definitely. Is there anything you can do to stay relevant during the holiday season, despite the global pandemic? Certainly. Here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Focus on authenticity in influencer campaigns- a lot of people might NOT travel this holiday season, therefore, holiday celebrations will be more nostalgic and traditional. DIY tutorials will be significantly more common as well,alongside a rise in interest in small, minority owned businesses, Marketers should contact influencers who share content featuring DIY tutorials and small minority owned businesses, focusing on authenticity.

  2. Update your keywords- when was the last time you went over your list of keywords? Are they even relevant? This could be a great opportunity to review your keywords, to see what’s bringing in high search volume, and possibly update them. If certain pages are already doing well, no need to touch them. You can also check keyword seasonality for any holiday related terms.

  3. Be visible on multiple platforms- Easier said than done, for sure. Your audience is on social media and on Google. You can create ads for social media, Google ads, and SEO. Make sure your content is catchy, telling a compelling story, since that’s most likely to encourage your potential clients to engage with you online. High engagement=high brand awareness.

  4. Video marketing- it’s here, and as far as numbers show, it’s here to stay. Make sure you create fun, informative videos checking for high sound quality and high camera resolution. Equipment does get expensive, yet there are various cheap solutions out there. You also want to make sure your video isn’t TOO long.

  5. Increase the amount of services- many brands have been offering free shipping, increasing their contacting channels, and even offering new services such as after-pay services. This goes for paying AFTER the product reached your client’s doorstep. Digital brands offer a long trial period to give their clients time to get a taste of what they do and make up their mind. Your customer certainly points out when a brand adds new services,and your customer cares about the quality of existing services, or lack thereof. They also pay CLOSE attention to the response.

This certainly requires some research, likely to take a great portion of your time. Nevertheless, reviewing and updating marketing strategies for the holiday season, especially during a global pandemic, to stay relevant. Hope you’re safe wherever you are.

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