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What is a Startup Label?


"They're making documentaries and biopics and best selling novels about rock stars, because they change the world, rocked our feelings and made us addicted to their music. Well guess what... they're going to do the same thing to startup founders and for the same reasons" - Guy Poreh.

We believe that startups are the new rock stars. We believe they should be treated and driven to success the same way that recording artists are.

That's why we created the first Startup Label, modelled after the record labels and offering the same kind of services but tailor made for a different kind of success.

We're here to act as the ultimate partner for founders - a record label equivalent for startups, making sure Rockstar startups reach their ultimate potential and are ‘discovered’ worldwide.

Playground’s premium service includes bespoke and relentless strategy and execution. From high-level product marketing to growth hacking, from automation platforms to brand positioning and design.

Since Playground works seamlessly and side by side with investors and startups at different stages, we understand that the only way to tackle every obstacle, to drive demand and ensure massive growth, is to implement a highly bespoke and tailored plan, unique for every founder and oriented to reach 2 KPI’s- Rich and Famous.

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Who Do We Work With?


Startup Companies
Startups often have good product ideas, but need help with fundraising, product development, go-to-market strategies, audience definition and growth marketing.

Enterprise level companies
Larger organizations need to find new relevance through focus, new creative energy and inspiration, by cutting through layers and aligning objectives to empower change.

We work with Silicon Valley, NY and International investment firms, with a cross-portfolio brief to enable CEO's optimize their resources and achieve maximum growth. 


Hi, I'm Guy

גיא פורה1.jpg

Guy Poreh is the founder of Playground, the world’s first startup label,      a unique approach to launching founders and their startup’s into fame....and using that fame to lead them into fortune.

For Poreh, startup founders are today’s Rockstars and as such, they need to be discovered and developed in a similar way. Just like the record label, Poreh and Playground believe that it is this unique style of high-touch partnership that ensures the startup fulfills it’s ultimate potential.

Life before Playground found Poreh in multiple industry leading positions in the world of digital. As EVP of New Media at BBDO, CEO of Y&R interactive and founder of Redhead Interactive, Poreh was always the game changer.

The transformation of the digital advertising world would not be what it is today without him. The international awards under his belt are testament to that. They include Cannes Lions’, Clio’s, New York Festival, and many more.

As Chief Innovation Officer at Silver+Partners and Senior Consultant on Digital Diplomacy for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Poreh has led some of the most impactful initiatives and startups globally, many of which have successfully launched or diversified into the US market. Many of which are now post-exit or traded on Wall Street.

With his relentless drive for excellence and fearless attitude, Poreh made sure companies like Snoox, HYPR, Aquant, Feature Forward and many more, are now known as desired international brands.

Thanks to his unique approach Poreh is able to utilize the most advanced tools and techniques to drive aggressive business development and marketing execution for his Rockstar founders with the ultimate KPI’s - making them RICH and FAMOUS.

Guy lives in Manhattan with his amazing wife and 2 sons and enjoys every minute of his rocking startup lifestyle.