The World's First Startup Label

We Identify Potential

and Create Success

What is a Startup Label?

We believe that startups are today's rockstars. We believe they should be treated and driven to success the same way that recording artists are.

That's why we created Playground NY, the first Startup Label, modeled after record labels and offering the same kind of services, but tailor-made for a different kind of success.

"They’re making documentaries, biopics and bestselling novels about rock stars because they changed the world, rocked our feelings, made us addicted to their music and shifted our culture. Well guess what... they’re going to do the same thing to startup founders and for the same reasons."

We're your partner. We make sure our rockstar startups reach their ultimate potential and are discovered worldwide.

By working side by side with investors, partners and startups at different stages, we drive demand and ensure massive growth.

Guy Poreh, CEO & Founder

Being a startup in NY is not easy. And no two startups are the same. We implement uniquely tailored plans oriented to help each founder reach two goals - fame and fortune.

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