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Achieve your startup’s peak performance

Playground is a Startup Label. Just like a music label, but our artists are startups and the music is groundbreaking technology.

Maybe you’ve hit a financing wall with your investors. Maybe sales have failed to take off or dropped. Or maybe you’re actually doing great but can’t find enough employees to fill demand. Whatever it is, you’ve hit a snag, and you’re not sure where to turn for guidance.

We get it. We’ve built companies and startups ourselves. We’re also veterans of some of the largest and best creative agencies in the world. The plans and strategies we build with our startup clients are gleaned from our years of successes and failures. Our solutions are grounded in practice, not some one-size-fits-all theory.

Ready to realize your startup’s full potential?

"They’re making documentaries, biopics and bestselling novels about rock stars because they changed the world, rocked our feelings, made us addicted to their music and shifted our culture. Well guess what... they’re going to do the same thing to startup founders and for the same reasons."

  • Clarify your mission

  • Define your brand

  • Hone your marketing

  • Implement campaigns

  • Track progress

All of these improvements work together to grow sales and dazzle investors.

Playground helps you:

Guy Poreh, CEO & Founder

Our process:

Our goal is to help you reach and retain more customers, clients, investors, and potential employees. It might only require slight tweaks or you may opt for a complete overhaul. Each startup is unique, but one thing is constant: We can help you become a next-generation brand positioned to thrive even in this fluid economy.

Here’s how we help startups reach their peak performance:

Deep Dive

The best way to know where to go next is to find out where you are.  

Our first step is to take stock. We’ll talk to your startup’s major stakeholders, define and analyze the market, and identify opportunities.

Marketing Roadmap

Based on our research, we’ll make recommendations for possible new business models, positioning, and/or partnerships. We can help you implement changes with our team of contractors or your own team.

Organizational Tuneup

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that greater clarity helps organizations overcome obstacles. We help founders define their goals and communicate their missions clearly with their teams.

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