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Why Your Business Isn't Growing

The internet is PACKED with Youtube videos/podcasts about business,business growth, and common mistakes people make that stop their businesses from growing. And since Guy Poreh is former Head of Digital for ad giant BBDO in Tel Aviv, and founder of Playground, he’s worked with some gigantic names such as Wix,HYPR, and Aquant.

Guy Poreh is an Advisory Partner in Angular as well, he advises a variety of companies on marketing tactics and strategy, emphasizing the in and outs and do’s and don’ts of the US market. He recently gave a talk, pointing out the top 5 mistakes that stop start ups from growing. Here they are:

  1. Seeing clients as targets instead of seeing them as HUMANS- Many startup founders tend to view their clients/potential clients from their/their product’s point of view, and as a result, they see their clients as another review on their website and/ or fundraising deck. This slows their growth tremendously.

  2. Not staying focused- We all know staying focused is one of the main key factors that lead to success, Guy gives a broad explanation on focus, and why lack thereof is NOT in executives’ favor.

  3. Not establishing a brand- Customers keep coming back to certain websites/stores because of the CONNECTION they have with the NAME, AKA the brand. Therefore, creating the brand is essential for getting to know your customers and connecting with them.

  4. Talking about features instead of storytelling- Humans like stories, NOT a features manual. Guy highly suggests that companies find their own voice,and personality, to reach peoples’ hearts.

  5. Not giving that ‘cut above the rest’ impression- Bezos and Musk have been so successful because they’ve used a tactic called ‘the celebrity founder’. They used their points of view as a part of their storytelling about WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEIR COMPANIES STAND FOR, therefore, Guy highly suggests that startup founders establish themselves as thought leaders, which eventually, will drive business by giving foundations that help customers connect, and thus, give them that cut above the rest.

There’s more to this, you can find out about it in this video.

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