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Master the Art of Success as an Entrepreneur, with an Advisory Board as a Service

Entrepreneurs quickly learn how lonely it is at the top. Just as quickly they learn how important it is to have an advisory board.  But most end up with investors and a few good connections, maybe even a mentor or two, but rarely have a truly independent expert panel of advisors who are not only giving sage advice but proactively helping to solve real business challenges across areas like fundraising, financial management, talent acquisition/hiring, sales & marketing, industry insights, executive connections, etc.

At its most basic level, the advisory board is a sounding board for an entrepreneur. At its best, the board can provide expertise, guidance and business-development insight. In all cases, the advisory board furnishes the entrepreneur with a group of experts who can discuss opportunities, challenges and next steps, and makes sure that the entrepreneur is not alone and has a real roadmap and support system for success.

The challenges, however, for most startup founders in leveraging Advisors is multi-fold. They either lack the right connections or do not have the time or resources to manage Advisors effectively.

That’s why Playground has developed a new approach - Actively-Managed Advisory Boards as a Service. Playground works closely with Founders/Execs to understand critical needs and gaps that Advisors can fill, hand-pick relevant candidates, structure compensation and commitment criteria, and then manage a high-functioning board over time.

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What Is an Advisory Board?

An Advisory Board is a handpicked group of industry experts, thought leaders, and seasoned entrepreneurs who offer their wisdom and guidance to your business. Think of them as your strategic allies, your compass in uncharted waters, and your partners in success. While some companies have advisory boards composed of their investors and other seasoned professionals, a lot of companies don’t. And that’s hampering their growth. Big time.

The Power of Collective Knowledge

Imagine having access to the collective wisdom of industry giants.* Your Advisory Board brings diverse perspectives, experiences, and networks to the table. They've been where you're going, and their insights can help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

Accelerate Growth

Business Meeting

Navigate Challenges: Tackle obstacles head-on with the guidance of experts who've conquered similar hurdles.


Innovation Catalyst: Fuel innovation by leveraging fresh ideas from outside your organization.


Boost Credibility: Attract investors, customers, and partners with an esteemed group backing your vision.


Strategic Connections: Tap into our networks to forge game-changing partnerships.

Why Us

We’re Evan and Guy, and for the last 10 years, we’ve been investors in fantastic startups that are growing like crazy. We’re actively advising a number of startup CEOs, we’ve built our own businesses and in the past, were C-level executives in some of the largest ad agencies in the world. In other words, we’ve been there, done that, have the scars on our backs and you get to tap into all that to achieve success.

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How We Can Help

Playground is your partner and will act as your unofficial Advisory Board tailored to your needs. We'll:

  • Guide you through the toughest of challenges, utilize our expertise as investors, and successful operators to ensure you always have a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

  • Identify the perfect consultants, agencies, and other partners for your industry and goals.

  • Ensure a seamless, productive relationship between you and your advisors.

  • Handle every advisory board need, so you don’t have to. This includes findoing and onboarding advisors, setting up the board meetings, enlisitng technologies for the ultimate advisory board experience, ensure followups on tasks from the board, and accountability. Yours. So you achieve the success you so deserve.

After You Shower me with Sage Advice - How do I operationalize it all?

This is where you tap into our bespoke vetted network. What you’ll truly need are hands-on professionals who can roll up their sleeves and get the job done. That's why we've gone the extra mile to gather a handpicked selection of the best, vetted, and highly effective partners just for you. Whether you require assistance with go-to-market strategy, outbound sales, growth marketing, CRM optimization, email campaigns, sales enablement, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management, offline media buying, creative services, or any other go-to-market needs – we have a solution waiting for you. Or if you have your own in place, we’ll give you feedback and guidance on how to get the most out of them!

Our Vetted Vendor Network includes:

Growth Marketers by the Week/Month: Accelerate your growth with experienced and results-driven growth marketers working directly with your team on a fractional or full-time basis.

CRM Specialists: Maximize and convert your pipeline, and drive customer retention and engagement with our skilled CRM specialists, with expansive knowledge of Hubspot & Salesforce. 

Email Marketers: Unlock the potential of email marketing and turn it into a revenue-generating machine with our email marketing experts.

Fractional Senior Business Development Specialists: Drive top-of-funnel pipeline through appointment setting with senior executives at your ICP companies. 

Paid Media (PPC/Paid Social) Agencies: Dominate the online advertising space and drive targeted traffic to your website with the help of our PPC agencies.

Press/PR/Influencer: Boost your brand's visibility and reputation with top-tier PR agencies, PR & Influencer marketing platforms that know how to create a buzz.

Offline Media Buying: Expand your reach beyond digital channels and tap into traditional media with our offline media buying experts.

Creative Services: Craft compelling visuals and messages that resonate with your target audience through our creative services teams. Some of them so famous we’re not even allowed to write down their names.

Demand Generation Platforms: Utilize cutting-edge demand generation platforms to generate quality leads and grow your customer base.

Legal Services: Why put an expensive law firm on retainer, when you can tap into expert legal services on a fractional / project basis

And so much more!

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When you work with Playground, you not only get access to our years of expertise and knowledge but also gain the opportunity to engage the perfect resources tailored to your specific needs. We're passionate about your success and are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions available in the market.

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Don't wait any longer to unlock your startup's true potential. Take the first step towards explosive growth and schedule an appointment today with our handpicked experts. Let's turn your vision into a reality! And when you’re ready to grow even bigger, we’ll be here to help you. Together.

Your Path to Success Begins Here

Don't navigate the business landscape alone. Join the ranks of thriving startups and companies that have harnessed the power of an Advisory Board as a Service. Elevate your vision, conquer challenges, and accelerate your growth.

Ready to supercharge your business growth? Let's chat. Schedule a consultation today and unlock the potential of your very own Advisory Board.

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